About Us

A trip to Srinagar, in the beautiful region of Kashmir, marked the beginning of a new journey for me, Lindy Meltzer the founder of Bohemia & Co.

Having been inspired by the beauty of this mountainous region of India, I decided to purchase the traditional lacquerware from this region and try to introduce it to the Australian market: this is how my story began.

India, with its glorious temples, mud-baked villages, handmade earthenware water pots and brightly coloured fabrics had won a place in my heart.

Here on Bohemia & Co and I want to share with you a selection of some of the unique and diverse hand-made products I have been able to source.

By purchasing our bohemian style hand-painted ceramics, block-printed tablecloths, intricately carved frames, exquisite screen printed cotton scarves, one  can acquire artistically designed pieces which will brighten and enhance any living space.

I believe that unless we continue to appreciate and support the many craftsmen who have been producing their traditional handicrafts for many generations we will, one day, no longer be able to acquire these beautiful products. We need to support these craftsmen to ensure the survival of their art.

As we increasingly become a world of neutral tones and safe choices, let’s celebrate colour and diversity!